Angel Policy

Our Angel Policy licence gives crafters/artist the license to make and sell handmade cards and other crafts/arts using our downloadable images and cutting files.

The general guideline is that you can use our lovely products for any handmade crafts intended for personal use or re-sale. Below are the specific guidelines:
  • When you purchase our digital products you get a license that allows you to use Enchant Art graphics and cutting files to create physical products intended for re-sale. There are no quantity limits for handmade craftworks intended for re-sale, as long as you follow our guidelines. (For example, you can print out the digital file, incorporate that printed piece into projects that you are creating by hand, and then sell as many of those projects as you would like.)
  • You cannot provide any copy of the file to anyone. This means that you cannot sell the file to anyone either, or share it with anyone else. If somebody else likes it, please point them to our store.
  • You cannot give away the file to anyone or anything (Example: a blog or a web site).
  • Enchant Art graphics and cutting files cannot be used to create another digital product or converted into another digital format for re-sale.
  • Mass production or assembly-line construction with our digital files is prohibited.
  • Our images cannot be used for advertising. We donít want to see our images on billboards or in TV commercials unless we provided them to the ad company ourselves!

If you have any question or suggestion, please email us at We are always ready to assist you.

Thank you for shopping at our store,!

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