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Untitled Document Rhymes is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade art book by artist Glenda Castillo, a 5" x 7" volume that will enchant you with its special, otherwordly magic. It's pages, each one a handmade work of art, open a portal into the strange universe of nursery rhymes, a place fantastical, lovely, and with a hint of danger!

This wonder-full book has all of the following:

  • 12 handmade pages, each of them unique, sewn and assembled with original art, text and embellishments
  • Many of the die cuts were designed by Glenda Castillo exclusively for this art book, and then enhanced with colors and texture by hand
  • Each nursery poem is printed on vellum
  • Each vintage image is printed in full color on delicate tissue paper
  • The back cover is an impressionlistic acrylic painting by Glenda Castillo
  • The front cover features a small handmade pillow, lace, original die cuts and letters with glitter
  • Both the front and back covers are made of hard canvas boards
  • Glitter, acrlylic paints and many different kinds of embellishments are used on each page
  • Beautiful designer papers are used as backgrounds

This book is even lovelier than our photos can portray. It is a timeless treasure.

This book has been sold and now is in a private collection.

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