Use my favorite quotes to give any project a touch of style and meaning.

a. Birthday
b. Christmas
c. Engagement & Wedding / Baptism
d. Farewell
e. Loving You
f. Pregnancy & New Baby
g. New Home
h. New Year
i. Snowy Days
j. Sympathy
k. Thanksgiving

2. Home & Family

a. Spouses
b. Father
c. Mother
d. Children
e. Home
f. Seasons & Nature

3. Friendship

4. Life

a. Achievement & Success
b. Celebrate Life
c. Choices
d. Creativity & Art
e. Aging and Death
f. Goals & Dreams
g. Health
h. Stress & Worries
i. Time Management
j. Troubles & Adversity
k. Vacation & Travel
l. Wealth & Work

5. Character

a. Commitment & Courage
b. Forgiveness & Freedom
c. Helping Others & Giving
d. Honesty
e. Hope
f. Humility
g. Humor
h. Joy
i. Kindness
j. Knowledge & Wisdom
k. Love & Compassion
l. Patience
m. Peace
n. Perseverance
o. Self-control
p. Trust

6. Spirituality

a. Faith
b. God’s Character
c. Grace & Salvation
d. Hope & Miracles
e. Jesus
f. Prayer
g. Worship

7. Thank You

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