If you are creating a design that involves text, you may be working on your graphic and then want to change something from within the text.

Instead of changing tools from the toolbox, just go to your Layers palette and double-click on the T icon of the text layer that you want to modify. Your text is going to be selected and ready to format.

In case that you want to change the font of your text, once it is selected, click on the font name to highlight it (but don’t click on the drop-down arrow). Then, using the up or down arrow keys from your keyboard, move up or down to see the changes applied to the selected text. This is a very time-saving tip, since you don’t have to click on each font name but just move around with the arrow keys.

Talking about the arrow keys, in order to go to the beginning of the text, you can use the left arrow key. To go to the end, use the right arrow key. In order to do any of these, you need the text highlighted.

I hope these tips areĀ useful for you. Simple techniques can save time.

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