Summer 2010 is the time that Craftwelll will release the eCraft. I hope you are happy and with lots of expectations for this new addition to the arts and crafts world. Think about a digital cutter machine that won’t need the sticky mats and can cut heavy materials 12 inches wide and no limit in length.

Yes, we have to wait a little to see if it lives up to all our expectations, but I have the feeling that it will. To me, it is an almost a complete machine (there is no such thing as a “perfect” machine in life) since it will come with a basic software that will allow you to modify the images from the SD cards and also—if you’d like to create your own images—you will have the Pro version of the software which will open .SVG images.

Another detail is that it will also run with batteries, so you can take it to different places without worrying about connecting it to an outlet.

Enchant Art may sell the machine and if we do, we will give extra special prices to our blogger friends. Just register and I will send you any news about it.

Nobody has seen the latest models, but I have a feeling that not only are the colors cool, but we are going to get a wonderful tool for our creative trips in the world of arts and crafts. Besides, I can’t wait to share some files with you once everything starts rolling.

For now, have patience and wait, the eCraft is very close to being released to the public.


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