My very patient friends, owners of the eCraft, now you have something to celebrate and rejoice: Make The Cut (MTC) has come with a plug-in for the eCraft. With the plug-in, you can cut directly from MTC to the machine. You don’t have to deal anymore with the eCraft software, and this is great news. You can start using the eCraft now without spending your money buying SD cards; there are many free SVG images in the web or very inexpensive ones, carefully created for you–look at the beautiful designs at Enchant Art for example.

If you’d like to purchase MTC, click here. When you are in the MTC website, press the Order Now button to get your software. There are many tutorials available and also recorded webinars that can help you.

I will be getting the program also, considering it as an investment and to avoid myself many frustrations with the eCraft software.

Remember, you can use MTC not just with the eCraft but also with the Silhouette, CraftRobo, Cricut, etc.

Special Offer: If you order the MTC through my blog, you will get $10 of digital cutting files FREE from Enchant Art. Just e-mail the order ID to, and I will e-mail you the files. In the e-mail, you can enter the names of the digital cutting files that you prefer.

If you have any question, please let me know.

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