It’s official:  Make The Cut has reached a settlement with Provo Craft. This is really enraging; Cricut appears to be the bully in this situation against MTC, which is managed only by the creator of the software, Andy, and his wife.

Why did Cricut start all this?  Looks like they want you to buy their products and exclusively those. They want to prevent you to create your own images using a software like MTC and, more specifically, they want to keep you from creating backups of the Cricut cartridges.

What did MTC settle for? MTC is no longer allowed to sell their software that is compatible with the Cricut machines. Of course, if you already own the software, you can still use it.

Who is next in line? Provo Craft also filed suit against Craft Edge, the owners of Sure Cuts A Lot  (SCAL) software.

What should we do as customers? I don’t know about you, but this is so bad that many people are going to sell their Cricut machines and search for other cutting machines. People are not willing to keep supporting a company with such low ethics and so much greed.  I don’t own a Cricut and I don’t want to do anything with this company. My choice was the Silhouette and I’m very happy with it. I also have the eCraft for bigger projects. But there are also other machines in the market now that allow you to create and share your files. Cricut machines are not the only ones, and you have all the right to choose. That is something that they can’t impose to us.


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