Happy ….. Birthday Earth! I’m very happy that we still have beautiful rivers, oceans, mountains, birds, etc. They all remind us of the artistic and many times playful side of its Creator.

If we like the beauty of nature, we should be also be conscious of our impact (good or bad) to our planet. One good thing to do is to recycle. I want to encourage you to do so by posting this free file. You can cut it and make mini-cards or tags to give to children or adults. If you recycle, take pictures of your recycle bin and your family and make a nice layout using the cut-outs. Or use it as a template to paint some T-shirts for the family.

OK.  I think I made my point already. Now, to download this file, please click here.

If you want to take a look at the full Earth Day file that I created, click here.

And …  keep recycling!

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