We are welcoming the new upgrade for the Make the Cut software. As you may know, this program allows you to cut from many digital cutting machines and even export files created in Inkscape, Illustrator and other programs.

What are the new features of MTC? Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Conical Warp: This feature allows you to create wrappers for cupcakes and cups fast and easy. Also,  you will be able to preview your design before cutting using the 3D view that can be rotated for your convenience.
  2. AutoSave: You can assign another folder in your computer to backup the designs you are working on, just in case you loose your original files for any reason. To enable it, go to Help, Advanced, Automatic Saving… 
  3. New Raster Export: You can make a PNG or JPG from your design (a raster copy). This copy of the design can help you to identify the file or you can use it in another application. Now, you can make the raster and apply dropshadows, watermarking, background color, size and resolution and more. One of the features that I like is the ability to save and print without the lines around the design (yes, you can make the lines invisible)  Also, you can Copy and Paste the raster into other applications.
  4. SVG export in layers and colors: This is very useful if you design using Inkscape and have different colors for different pieces in the design. Also, if you saved your work in different layers, MTC is going to recognize these layers when you import the design from other programs.
  5. Layer Properties icon: If you have various objects or layers  in one page,  you can click on the New Layers option icon at the bottom of the Layer Properties palette and access different options like putting each layer in its own page.
  6. Dashed Line options: Created dashed shapes as design accents or score lines. Right click on the design, select Change Color/Texture/Line and click on Select Line.
  7. Silhouette (8.5″x12″) mat included in the Virtual Mat tab.
  8. Print and Cut Silhouette Registration Marks: This will allow you to do print and cuts without any extra effort.  Go to File, Print Options to turn on the registration marks.
  9. Silhouette SD Plug-In: Download the plug-in for the Silhouette to be able to cut directly from MTC. Once downloaded, it will appear among the Cut Project With. menu. This is valid for the Silhouette SD and also for the older Silhouette model.
  10. Art icon: To see purchase art from other sources.
  11. Improved Tracing: Trace any raster .jpeg, .bmp, .png image that you want to make cuttable with ease (File, Import, Pixel Trace). MTC will trace the image by color, by threshold,etc. Also, in the same window you can assign a different size to the final traced image.
  12. Font Tab: View the font names as they would look when printed or cut. Select the box that says Show Face to enable this function. Also in the font tab you will find the Add Text Group icon that allows you to write in different lines to make a paragraph and align the text to the left, center of right. You will see the changes reflected in the mat as you type.
  13. Notes Window allows you to attach files into your projects:  Go to View, Notes Window to open the Project Notes. Once there, you can choose any file from your computer and attach it to your design.
  14. Path Thinning: Right click on your design and select Shape Magic, Advanced, Thin Paths in order to create one line from designs or fonts that had two lines.
  15. Shadow Layer: Now you can create mats for the designs up to 1 inch outward. 
  16. Virtual Mat object view:  You can view your design without fills (colors, patterns,etc) allowing to work without any distractions. Also, you will have the other views: Fill with Outline and Fill without the Outline. Printing the outlines only is also available going to File, Print Options. 
  17. Move shapes faster: Hold down the Control Key and press any of the Arrow Keys to move a shape up, down, left or right very quickly.  

If you’d like to purchase a copy of this software and receive FREE $10 of digital files from Enchant Art, click here.

Once you receive your order confirmation, send the order ID number to glenda@enchantart.com with the names of the files of your preference.  This offer applies only when you make your purchase through this blog.

To see the files that you can receive, click here.

If you have any question about this upgrade please let me know.

Happy cutting!

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