How I organize my digital cutting files? First, I need to tell you why you should organize those files. Easy, organization brings order and if you have your files classified, in order, you will find what you are looking for very fast and easy.
Here are the folders that I created, you can adopt some or all of this system:

  • 3D Shapes
  • Alphas
  • Animals
  • Baskets
  • Boxes
  • Bags
  • Bookplates
  • Borders
  • Cards
  • Celebrations
  • Clothes
  • Doilies
  • Envelopes and Pockets
  • Fantasy
  • Flourish
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Frames
  • Hobbies
  • Holidays
  • Home
  • Labels
  • Love
  • Mini Books
  • Nature
  • Nested Shapes
  • Office Supplies
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Pennants
  • People and Body Parts
  • Print and Cut
  • School
  • Seasons
  • Shapes
  • Spiritual
  • Sports
  • Tags
  • Titles
  • Toys
  • Transportation
  • Travel

Inside of some of these folders, I make sub-folders, for example inside Holidays, I add all the holidays as sub-folders. And when I need something, I find it right away, this makes my time more productive. Give organization a try and if you are already organized, you can always improve your system.


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