When I installed ROBO Craft and wanted to organize my files, I wasn’t able to do it since the buttons that are usually there to create new folders weren’t there. I was very disappointed since I love organization. My husband is great with computers and he found the way to fix the problem. I have another computer with Windows XP, the software is installed in that computer also. When I opened My Library on that computer, I could see the buttons to create New Folders.

The approach was to make my New Folders on the Windows XP computer. Then, we used a flash drive , copied the Data folder (in “Program Files\Robo Master\QKView”) and transferred it to my computer with Vista. Now I can see the new folders; still I can’t see the other buttons but at least I have everything more organized with the new folders that I created using the other computer.  I just have to drag the icons to the corresponding area.

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