I use Microsoft Word for some designing. Let’s make a monogram:

  1. Open a New document.
  2. Select Insert, Textbox. Draw a text box approximately 2 by 2 inches. Now, type the letter of your choice. Format the letter. I chose a big size, 72 pt. Choose a nice font like Edwardian Script ITC or Vivaldi. Script fonts look nice or SanSerif fonts like Arial Narrow.
  3. Once you are happy with your first letter, you can create one or two other text boxes for the other letters (optional) and do the same formatting.
  4. Now, select the boxes: First click on the line of one box, let go of the mouse,  then press the Shift key and click on the outline of the other boxes.
  5. Select Format and choose No Outline from the Shape Outline if you are using Word 2007.  If you are using an older version, select Format, Textbox. Use for Color: No Fill and Line: No Line.
  6. Click outside the letters. Now, select one of the text boxes by clicking any of the letters. Move the pointer of the mouse on top of the box line and click, keep the mouse button pressed and drag the letter close to the other one. If you have more letters, do the same.
  7. Select all the text boxes by clicking on the first one, press the Shift key and click the other ones. Choose Format, Arrange, Group. For older versions of Word, keep pressing the Shift key and right click with the mouse on top of the letters, choose Grouping, Group.
  8. Now you can print your creation.
  9. Or, you can Copy it and Paste it in another program like Paint and save it as a graphic .jpeg.


Note: If you want to create your monogram using  the ROBO Master program, just create a New File and Type the letters at different times (click ouside the blue box and click on the Text again for the other letter).  Arrange the position of your letters. If you want, you can Weld them and cut them as one piece. I find this method much better that creating the monogram using Word if you are going to cut the monogram using your digital cutter. Definetely, the lines are crisper.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you can create your own monograms for boxes, scrapbooking and cards.

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6 Responses to “How to Create a Monogram Using Word”

  1. diana says:

    I don’t have Format/Arrange/Group on my Word program. It’s an older version than 2007. I’ve done well on everything else, but when I got to this part, I don’t have the ability to finish it. Can you offer any ideas on how to get it to do the format/arrange/group on older versions of Word? Thanks so much for your help!

  2. Glenda says:

    Diana: I included more details in the instructions. Remember that when you want to Group, you need at least two objects selected. Make sure you click on the first letter and then, press the Shift key, keep pressing it and make a click on the other letter/s.
    Any question, let me know.
    Anyways, I think you got the idea of the monograms, even if you can’t group the letters.

  3. Murray says:

    Glenda, thank you for your wonderful instructions on how to create a monogram using word. It worked beautifully except when I was doing the alignment. The letters are snapping as if to a grid, and I can’t find a way to unlock this. I’m doing an offset monogram, and the first initial is to high in one position and too low in the next position allowed by my Windows program. I’m using Windows Office Word 2003.

    Is there a way to place the letters exactly where you want them instead of where the program wants them placed?

    Forgive me for sounding inexperienced…I am!

  4. Glenda says:

    Thank you for your nice comments. I’m so glad the instructions are helpful. About the question, you need to turn off the “Snap Objects to Grid” feature. In order to do this, click on View, Toolbars, Drawing ( if it isn’t already visible. )
    On the Drawing toolbar, click Draw, Grid.
    In the Drawing Grid dialogue box, under Snap to, uncheck the Snap objects to grid and Snap objects to other objects check boxes.
    Then click OK.
    That should do it. Please let me know if you have any other question. I would be more than glad to answer it.
    Oh! you can move the text boxes also with your arrow keys once selected and after you disable the snap to grid feature.

  5. Murray says:

    Your instructions worked beautifully and I got the monogram I wanted. Thank you again.

  6. Glenda says:

    You are very welcome! Blessings,

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