If you want to put text on a path using Inkscape follow this tutorial:

  1. Click on the T for Text, type your text.
  2. Click on the icon to Create Spirals. Draw a spiral and change the Turns to approx. 2.
  3. Click on the Select and Transform Objects  icon (that is the big arrow that you find in the toolbox) and select the text and the spiral that you created. Press the Shift key after you click on the text, and without letting go of the Shift key, click on the spiral in order to select both.
  4. On the Menu bar, choose Text, Put On Path.
  5. Now your text is following the path.
  6. Sometimes you don’t want to see the path,  you just want to see the text. In order to do that click on Text, Remove from Path. It would look just like before putting it on the path. Now you can click on the path to select it, and on the Menu Bar choose Object, Fill and Stroke and click on the X for Stroke Paint, in order to remove the stroke or line.
  7. Now you can select both again and put the text on the path.
  8. If for any reason you want to change the shape of the invisible path, click on the text to select it, then on the Menu Bar, choose Edit, Clone, Select Original
  9. Then, click on the Edit Path by Nodes icon on your Toolbox and click where your path should be. Now you can click and move the Nodes and change the shape of your path.

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