For many reasons, you want to know how to access some tools and commands using your keyboard. I like to work fast and I use many shortcuts. Here are some of the most common:

For Text:
: If you want to choose the Text tool.
Ctrl+ Apply a bold style to selected text.
Ctrl+I  Apply a italics style to selected text.

For Objects:
Pg Up or Pg Dn: If you have more than one object in the same layer, use Pg Up to move the selected object on top of the others or Pg Dn to move it down.
+ or : To zoom in or out.
Letter H and V: Press letter H if you want to rotate your object Horizontally or V to rotate it Vertically.
Letter B: If you have any tool selected and want to choose the Bezier or pen tool, just press B.
Letter N and S: If you want to choose the Edit Nodes tool,  press N. If you want to toggle to the Select tool, press S or the Spacebar.
Letter G: To access the Gradient tool.

Those are enough for now. Practice and try to memorize the different shortcuts available.

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