You can save in many formats using Photoshop. Just go to  Save As and choose the format of your choice depending of your need for layers or small file, etc. You have a lot to choose from. Here is the list of different file formats that you can save your document:



What’s that?



The default Photoshop format. You keep all the layers intact.



Supports files containing up to 16 million colors. BMPs can be opened in Microsoft Paint.

CompuServe GIF


GIFs are common web file formats.

Photoshop EPS


Used mainly to print color images by a professional printer or photo lab.

Photoshop DCS 1.0


Desktop Color Separation (DCS) files developed by Quark.

Photoshop DCS 2.0


Desktop Color Separation (DCS) files developed by Quark with grayscale support.



JPG files are also common web file formats. JPEGs retain all color information in an RGB image but compresses file size by selectively discarding data.



Designed for DOS PC Paintbrush.

Photoshop PDF


PDF (Portable Document Format) files can be used to publish documents or images on the Internet. These file types can be opened in Adobe Reader.

Photoshop RAW


RAW files contain no extra data. Can be processed further for JPG or TIFF file formats.



PICT files are native to Macintosh computers.



Used on Pixar workstations for 3D imagery.



PNGs support RGB, indexed color and grayscale imagery. Useful when you want to keep the transparency of a background.

Scitex CT


Scitex CT (Continuous Tone) format files are for use in conjunction with high-end professional printers.



Targa files are used for video software applications on the PC.



TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files are compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems. TIFFs are used primarily for color printing.

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