There are so many Print and Cut files in the QK online store now and many people that are confused how to do the printing and cutting of these files.  This tutorial is not just for the QK files, but also if you want to print and cut your own creations.

These are the steps:

  1. Start the ROBO Master program.
  2. Click on File, New. This is going to open a new window, where you are going to specify the size and orientation of your paper. Choose the Letter size. Also, click on the box next to Use Registration Marks. This is going to put a check mark in the box. Click OK. If you have an image already opened, then go to Edit, Registration Marks Settings and put a check on the Use Registration Marks option, then click OK
  3. Now, you are in your main window and you will be able to see three registration marks at the corners of the page. Also, you are going to see a little bit of  a grid at the background.
  4. From My Library, click on the P&C image that you want to use. You’ll be getting a blue box; position it on your document and click. Now, you are able to see the image.
  5. Once the image is inserted, you can resize it using the squares on the bounding box or by right-clicking on the image and choosing Position Settings, Size.
  6. Click on your image and without letting go click on the mouse, then position it wherever you want within the registration marks; don’t go beyond them. In other words, don’t touch the grid with your design.
  7. Now it’s time to print your design/s with your regular printer. Go to File, Output Settings, on Printer choose your home printer. Then click on Properties and use a high quality setting so you get those vibrant colors. Print.
  8. Take the paper from the printer and check if the registrations marks are nice and clear. Your Silhouette is going to read these registration marks.
  9. Position your printed paper on the mat that came with the Silhouette. Press the paper on the mat so it sticks to it. There are going to be some arrows and a message “Feed this side first.” That’s the end that goes first on the Silhouette.
  10. Roll the mat in the Silhouette, but not as much as you do when you are just cutting (this is important). Adjust your settings as you do with you other cuttings and Cut.  Make sure Search Registration Marks has the check mark.


  • Avoid using textured paper.
  • When you cut your design, try to have your room with low light.
  • You are not restricted to print one image, you can fit many of the same or different in one sheet of paper.
  • You may want to use photo paper or presentation paper rather than regular cardstock. (For example: Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte -50 sheets for $11; or Epson Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper Matte coated.)
  • Use light color paper to print, so the registration marks are very visible.
  • Make sure your document size is 8.5 by 11 inches.
  • A way to “force” the optical eye of the Silhouette to read the registration marks is to position the blade manually on top of one of them.


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