If you can’t see your images in the Silhouette Library on your C: drive, these are the instructions from the Silhouette Support Team:

1. Open the Silhouette software and go to the “Help” menu to select “About” and check what version of the software you are running.

-If you are not running Version 5.10 or higher:

   a. Close the Silhouette software completely.

   b. Get the latest software and install it from:

  c. Once finished installing, open the Silhouette software from your desktop icon. Continue with Step 2 below.

-If you are already running Version 5.10 or higher and have had problems downloading since the update:

  a. Close the Silhouette software completely.

  b. Go to C:\Program Files\ROBO Master\Templates and delete the file called QKRegister.config (it may already be deleted).

  c. Download qkregister.exe by clicking on the following link: http://www.silhouettemachine.com/support/programs/qkregister.exe. Save this file  to C:\Program Files\ROBO Master\Templates (overwrite if prompted).

  d. Once finished with these steps, open the Silhouette software from your desktop icon. Continue with Step 2.

 2. Once you have opened the Silhouette software, click on the “Purchase Online” button.

3. Log into your account.

4. Go to the “My Account” options and visit the “My Download History” link.

5. Select the order number that you need to recover and click on the “Recover Order” button.

6. Once you have submitted your password, your images from the selected order will be downloaded to your library. Once you have performed these steps, you should no longer experience further issues with downloading any additional images and your purchased images should show up correctly in your library.


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