It has been a long wait for this machine….maybe I’m just anxious to see if it is what I want of a digital cutting machine. Will it be what I expect and daydream of an ideal digital cutter? Will I love it more than my Silhouette? … I don’t know…I have to wait until late January, when the new sensation comes out. I’m excited about it, I have to confess. My expectations are very high because Craftwell is putting their heart into this machine. They want to bring the best and that is hard with limited time.

According to their December newsletter, the first SD Image Card  is going to include 150 images with upper and lower case fonts, numbers, and symbols, images, etc. Cool! the best part is that this SD card is going to be included with the machine at no cost. Really great way to start.

The release day for the eCraft has been postponed until the January CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) winter convention. Many people are dissapointed but I think it’s worth waiting for. The clock is ticking and I can’t wait to put my hands on this machine.  I’ll let you know how it cuts, what it cuts, if it’s cost-effective and my recommendations.


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