When we take pictures, sometimes colors don’t match. There are different ways of changing colors in your image. This one is using the Replace Color command:

  1. Open Photoshop and open your image.
  2. Using any of the Selection tools, make a rough selection of the area where you want to change the color. Nothing precise.
  3. Click on Image, Adjustments, Replace Color.
  4. The Replace Color dialog box is going to appear.  You are going to see that it is divided in two sections: Selection and Replacement.
  5. In the Selection area: Make sure the Selection radio button is selected since we want to get the color from the selected part of the image. Click on the Eyedropper that has a little + next to it and click on the area that you want to include in your selection. If you want to eliminate some areas, choose the Eyedropper with the next to it.  Also, you are going to see a slider that controls the Fuzziness: increase or decrease the tolerance of color with it.
  6. In the Replacement area: Move the sliders for the Hue, Saturation, Lightness until your reach the desired color. Turn on and off the Preview check box to see the changes. Click OK.

The original color has been changed to the new one and you can be proud of your skills.

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