We are all anxious to touch and try out the new eCraft machine. It will be soon when I can give you details about whether it works with almost anything. All the questions will be answered. Will it cut chipboard? What about fabric?  I don’t know yet; I have to try it myself. But I know some very interesting facts:

  • The machine will be loaded with a built-in roller. This roller will allow you to print/cut any design 12″ wide to any length of paper. How cool is that???
  • They are working on amazing colors for the eCraft machine itself. You can choose from many according to your decoration. You know which is the new color…..periwinkle!!! Periwinkle will replace the green color. I like the green too.
  • I’ve heard that Craftwell is coming out with another version of the eCraft that will cut 30″ wide and of course any length. Interesting, very interesting.

Anyways, stay tuned until I come back with more about the eCraft.

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