I was waiting “patiently” for more information about the eCraft since everything was very secretive until the CHA. Today is the last day of the Convention and I have some news for all of you:

  1. The eCraft can cut grungeboard and chipboard, being tested only with 1mm-thick chipboard. I will be testing it with thicker chipboard as soon as I get it.
  2. The machine doesn’t use a mat. There are several consequences of not using a mat:
    •  It leaves tabs/chads to hold the cut piece to the paper. You have to punch your design out by hand. Many people say that the tabs are easy to remove. And you can adjust the size of these tabs, which can make a big difference if you are cutting vinyl.
    • That leads to the matter of cutting vinyl, because the eCraft cuts all the way and does not leave the vinyl backing in place, making the reposition of the cut material a little bit harder if your design has words with specific spacing in between.
  3. The eCraft is going to have 2 different software programs available for purchase— the Basic version and the Pro version.
    • The Basic version allows you to open the images that you buy from Craftwell on their SD cards.
    • According to Craftwell, the Pro version of the software enables you to create new designs or import SVG images and then set the draw and cut lines.
    • The Pro version also allows you to unlock all their 1,000 images and bring them directly into the software, without having to purchase those images.
    • Right now, the Pro version software is pricey in my opinion ($300). Craftwell is talking about a middle option, where you can create your own designs without the option of unlocking their designs (which I definetly prefer since I like to create my own designs).
  4. All iPhone and iTouch applications will be available to use with the eCraft.

I’ll keep you posted with the latest news. If you are planning to buy the eCraft, I suggest waiting for more information.


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  1. Summer says:

    Actually, from my understanding, they are saying it cuts grungeboard, but what they are meaning is that it cuts “grungepaper” which are two different products. The grungeboard only comes in 5×7 sheets, so it can’t be loaded into the ecraft, but the grungepaper is availale in 12×12 sheets, and is much thinner, and this is what the ecraft cuts.

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