I received some news from Craftwell through their newsletter that I want to pass to you. Also, I’m including more details of more information about the eCraft:

ABOUT THE SOFTWARE: The eCraft is going to use the eCraftshop and the eCraftshop Pro. All models of the eCraft are going to be compatible with both versions. 

  • The eCraftshop Basic ($69.99) is going to be included with the machine without extra cost for a limited time; this is like an introductory offer. Also, you will recieve the USB cable that would allow you to connect the machine with your computer. Remember that you don’t need a computer to make the eCraft cut the images from the SD cards. These are the Basic Features of the eCraftshop:
    * Customize artwork from SD Image Cards that you’ve purchased in order to make it your own
    * Using a virtual cutting grid, manipulate basic shapes from our palate and images from your library
    * Shadow, weld, rotate, stretch, flip, nudge, kern, and more
    * View the entire eCraft library of all the latest SD Image Cards before purchasing them
    * Easily download images to your library from eCraftCentral to cut with the eCraft
  • The eCraftshop Pro ($159.99 – not yet available) which has all the same features as eCraftshop Basic, plus:
    * Create new images on a virtual cutting grid using the Craftwell design tools
    * Utilize all True Type Fonts on your computer
    * Import SVG images from other design programs to cut with your eCraft (you’ll need the Pro if you want to import your SVG images or create your own)

The eCraftshop software will be available as an application for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad for $19.99.

  • Create a new design or make changes to an existing one on the go
  • Access eCraftcentral.com to purchase images from the eCraft library or sell your designs

eCraftcentral is a web-based community where you can purchase images and even upload and sell your own. I understand that the community will be able to rate the files, so you know which ones are the best for cutting.

ABOUT THE MACHINES: There are different models for the eCraft machines:

  1. The Basic (white/magenta/periwinkle) has a 2.8″ B&W screen and comes with 1 SD card. ($259)
  2. The Deluxe (black) has a 2.8″ Color screen and comes with 2 SD cards. The only difference with the Basic is the color screen and the additional SD card. ($349)
  3. The Professional (silver)  has a 3.5″ B&W screen,  2 SD cards and an industrial motor. This motor is not going to have more power than the others, but it is intended for using the machine for long periods of time without overheating. ($399)

All the machines are going to be equipped with a heavy-duty motor, the roller and the paper tray.
The screen may be an  important factor to consider since from it you are going  to be able to select the image or images you want to cut, adjust the size, choose shadow and how many images you need to cut. 

WHAT ABOUT THE ACCESORIES: Craftwell will bring many accessories to accompany the eCraft. Among them:

  • Ball-point Pens (Black, Primary, Pastel, Glitter and White/Gold/Silver) that will come in packs of five from $9.99- $11.99.  The eCraft can draw and/or cut.
  • 12″ x 120″ rolls of paper ($16.99) and vinyl ($19.99)
  • SD Cards with images. Currently they have 11 SD Cards, each with over 150 images.  ($39.99 – $49.99)
  • Replacement blades $17.99 10/PK $29.99 20/PK
  • Paper/Vinyl Rolls, Travel Tote Bags, Travel Bag w/ Wheels, Image Card Caddy, Battery Pack (lasts up to 4 hours)

AVAILABILITY: The machines are not going to be available to retailers until March. Now, they are doing pre-orders only. About the warranty, they offer 1-year warranty for their machines.

The eCraft is able to cut materials under 1mm of thickness. I will try many materials and confirm this. Also, they are going to include in the SD card a journaling type of font.

I hope this information is useful for you. If you have any comments, please let me know.


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