Happy New Year 2013! Every New Year, I promise myself I want to be more organized in many ways. I succeed with some of my resolutions but I mostly fail in keeping my journal and pictures of the year that represent the little and big moments in our family life.

This year, I want to help myself recording those times of our lives so I can go back and remember them. I thought, the best way to achieve my goal was to have a Calendar. I look for something that can fit to my project idea but I couldn’t find anything already assembled. The next thing was to create the pages by myself.

But that’s not all. I want you also to have the opportunity to create a book for this year and I will share this project with you. I will be posting the calendar for each month so you can write, draw or paint the things that happened in your life. I also will be including journaling cards and the directions on how to put together all these wonderful pages, but that will be at the end of the project.

I want you to feel free to use any kind of paper, whatever suits you and your own life. Also, it’s very easy … you’ll see.

You only need letter size papers, a printer, a pen and a box or bag to store those pages until the end of the year, when you will be assembling the calendar in a book.

Additionally, only your imagination can tell the other materials you want to include in your project.

All the pages are free to download and for personal use.

This is the first page. You can choose to print the title with or without the Resolutions page. I will print it with the Resolutions included since I want to keep myself accountable.

Front Page and Resolutions web

I printed the page and some of the journaling pages that I’m including also for you to download.Next, fold the papers in half, so you get a 8 ½” by 5 ½” double pages.


Now, glue the left, top and right side of the pages, just the edges. You will be making an envelope this way. In this envelope you can include any memorabilia, pictures, etc, that you collected during the month. I like to cut a half-circle at the top of the opposite side to make it easier to open the envelope.

There are also journaling pages included to download. If you’d like to create pockets with these pages, then just do the same: print, fold and glue the edges. Also, I printed the journaling cards in both sides and cut the page in half, that way I have two sides to write on.

Choose whichever journaling page you’d like and use it as it’s more convenient for you. What I will be doing is printing different ones and put them in different places in my house and car, so I don’t miss an opportunity to record important things.

The next step is to embellish these cards with nice papers, pieces of wrapping papers, drawings, etc.

These are the pages you will find in the downloadable file:

Front Page and Resolutions web1 January and Frame web Journaling Cards 1 web Journaling Cards 2 web Journaling Cards 3 web Journaling Cards 4 web

And you can download the zip file by clicking HERE. In a few weeks, I’ll be publishing the February calendar.

I also want to see the pictures of your own projects and if you have any ideas that we can incorporate to the project, please let me know. Please send your pictures to glenda@enchantart.com and I will publish them.

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